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Signature Scraps - Burgoyne Surrounded

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Explore this wonderful new pattern series by Kaye England -Signature Scraps. It takes advantage of that ever increasing stash of fabric you all have (and you know who you are!)
This quilt is a great example of the late 19th century style of work. I love the random color choices this maker used as well as the fact that she didn’t pay much attention to the rules of coloring. If you want your quilt to look like this – choose ONE light and keep it consistent within the block. By studying the quilt you can see that in some cases EACH block will contain more than one fabric. I would probably keep all of fabrics at least in the same color family for the remainder of the darks in the block. You could also choose to add borders on all four sides but I really like the look of this quilt.
Finished size: 69" x 78"