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Signature Scraps - Blueberry Baskets

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Explore this wonderful new pattern series by Kaye England -Signature Scraps. It takes advantage of that ever increasing stash of fabric you all have (and you know who you are!)

Many years ago I purchased these tiny beautiful basket blocks at a fund raising auction. Garnet Roesel had lovingly pieced 204 of these charming blocks. I spent many hours laying them out, trying to decide on a setting, then always putting them back in a cute little box for ‘later’. One day I just got in the mood to try them again, this time I was caught up in how beautiful they were with sashings added, so this quilt was born. Each chosen light and dark color was used to make TWO identical blocks. I utilized 200 of the 204 blocks in this quilt setting. The lights for all blocks is the same fabric while the dark (basket fabric) is the changing colors. This is a scrap lovers dream as these tiny pieces can truly be cut from your scrap basket – or why not trade with friends to use as many different fabrics as possible.

Finished size: 70" x 75"